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If you do not want the long term costs of renting then purchasing  the kitchen equipment you need is the best method available

Lease Options

Rental Options

A cost effective and tax deductible option to obtaining your commercial kitchen equipment.

Available to new and existing businesses

We offer flexible rental terms on our decarbonising units only. The price of D-CARB chemical and any future repairs are included in a fixed monthly price



Decarbonising units have been around for many years now and should be an important part of any commercial kitchen. The time and costs savings now make having a dip tank system a financially viable option.


We offer various opportunities where you can either purchase or rent a decarboniser. For those looking to purchase a soaktank we offer both a single skinned and double skinned variant of our four standard tank sizes. This makes purchasing a decarboniser more affordable.


Depending on where you are located in the country, we also offer flexible rental terms. If you wish to find out more about renting one of our units we recommend you contact us on 0845 2266043 to discuss the options.


Our decarbonising chemical is also an important part of the effective decarbonising and degreasing system. Being non-caustic it offers a safe alternative to using harsh chemicals. Our D-CARB chemical comes in powder form and can be easily mixed in warm water.

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